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  • Plot

Leo is under the tutelage of Lancelot, knight of the round table. While he is away, Leo comes across a strange girl named Ruby. Ruby tells Leo that Gaia, the god of the world, has gone crazy. Leo and Ruby search for people wiling to stand up against Gaia.

  • Characters

Leo - Knight

Leo is a knight in training under the training of Lancelot, knight of the round table.
Leo always dreamed about protecting his home as a knight who fights for what's right,
and under Lancelot's tutelage, he believes that he can become the knight he wants to become.

Ruby - Gunslinger

Ruby is a girl who's favorite thing in the world is guns. She's a professional gun expert
and is willing to anything just to pull a trigger.

Sabrina - Witch

Sabrina is a shy witch who loves casting spells. Unlike most wizards and witches, Sabrina
doesn't like to use her magic for her own personal gain. She only uses her magic to support
her loved ones.

Ren/Lupin - Thief

Ren is a descendant of the phantom thief Arsene Lupin. Ren carries the Lupin name as he sends
messages about what he's going to steal and then steals it with style, and gets away with it
every time.

Kuro - Assassin

Kuro is an assassin who distances himself from other people. Ever since the death of his parents,
he's been killing the same type of people who took them away from him.

Axel - Demon - Male

Axel is a stray demon from hell. He loves interacting with people and loves to eat. However,
his demonic instincts kicks in whenever he feels threatened.

Gwen - Android - Female

Gwen was an android originally made to kill people. However, when she finds out one of her targets
has a family, she gains a personality that believes that people deserve a second chance. Thus, killing
her creator and living on her own.

Install instructions

Once you've downloaded the zip file, go into the file and open game.exe.

RPG Maker RTP is required.


Tsuki no shita part 1.zip 1 MB
RPGVXAce_RTP.zip 185 MB

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